Identification and analysis of the actors, practices and activities related to Christian finance - Identification et analyse des acteurs, pratiques et activités de la finance chrétienne


Hudsonville PRC Evangelism Commitee's conference (USA)

Hudsonville PRC's Evangelism Commitee is sponsoring a special conference on financial stewardship called "Biblical Principals and Financial Stewardship" the end of January (29th) and in February (5th and 12th).


Do you struggle with your family’s finances? Have you wondered why giving is so important? Are you in debt? Where do you start? The Bible gives us answers. The Lord directs every aspect of our lives including our personal finances. Whether you have millions or a few dollars, it all belongs to God. Regardless of your stage in life, God calls us to be stewards of our finances. The “Managing God’s Money” conference connects God’s calling to be stewards with our everyday lives. For three Thursday evenings, we will explore how budgeting, giving, saving and much more are shaped by God’s word.


Giving to the Church and School (Rev. Ron Van Overloop)
This breakout session will focus on the calling the Christian has to give of his money for the increase of Christian schools and churches. This session will meditate on our scriptural calling, mature our personal attitude, and encourage generosity in our everyday lives. We will discuss tips and ideas on how to make giving a priority among other financial obligations.

Danger of Debt (Mr. Dave Ondersma Jr.)
Families overrun with debt face increase stress both financially and personally. Credit cards, car debt, house mortgage and student loans can easily add up and become overwhelming. Scriptures show us how our mindset can help avoid unneeded debt.  The session will explore the biblical teachings, the common areas of debt, the consequences of debt and ideas for avoiding and recovering from debt.

Power of Saving (Mr. Dewey Engelsma, ChFC, CLU)
God through the Holy Scriptures teaches us the wisdom of saving. Effective savings starts early and utilizes the many investment tools available today. With that said, finding extra money to save is difficult and investing can be daunting and confusing. Christians have many tools available to help guide us through our investments. This session will highlight the power of early investing and discuss the many types of investment tools. We will explore types of retirement planning accounts, early college investment options, and the benefit of up-front planning in each of these areas.

Budgeting Your Money (Mr. Curt Gritters & Mr. Dan Nagelkerke)
This session practically applies God’s calling to manage our money by diving into the powerful tool of budgeting. First, the Biblical basis of why managing our money is important will be reviewed. This session will be a practical, hands-on discussion where budgeting tools and techniques will be studied and discussed. We will address situations such as irregular incomes or expenses, big ticket purchases or unplanned expenses.

Financial Tools in Technology (Mr. Josh Hoekstra)
We live in an age of much emerging technology. God gives us this technology to be used for the glory of His kingdom. This session will focus on financial management tools that are available in this age of technology. Discussion of this breakout will include online banking and financial management applications. These applications can help understand household expenses, net income, spending habits, automated budgeting, and much more. This session is geared at raising awareness of online tools available to assist in financial management.

Financial Ethics (Mr. Justin Koole)
Codes and statements of ethics litter the business and governmental worlds. Ethical issues even occur in our personal financial lives where Scripture is our code of ethics. In this session we will discuss the Christian’s duty relating to taxes, cash payments and side jobs. We will discussion will why financial ethics are important in the Christian life.

Financial Communication Among Couples (Rev. Garret Eriks)
This session will focus on the importance of effective communication between couples.  The importance of proper financial communication is stressed as finances is a significant cause of stress in marriages today.  The key to communicating about finances in marriage is being committed to the Biblical principles regarding finances and discussing these principles in a Biblical way.  Rev. Eriks will address and lead a discussion about how this should be done.

Understanding the Role of the Deacon (Mr. Kevin Gritters)
Deacons are an important office in the church that collect and distribute the offerings of the church. First, the Biblical responsibilities, qualifications and examples of the deacons will be studied. These Biblical principles will then be applied to how deacons collect the offerings and distribute to the poor and needy today.

Parental Influence on Saving and Giving (Mr. Ed Hoekstra)
Parents instruct and influence their children in all areas of life and the attitude and approach to personal finances is no exception. This session will detail how parents can influence their children’s saving and giving habits for the rest of their lives. We will discuss practical tips and ideas on the what, why, and how to be a positive influence.

Estate Planning (Mr. Doug Brackman)
As God’s gifts to us accumulate over our lifespan, it is responsible and important that we think through where our assets will go once we pass away.  Planning for these resources can often time seem to be a daunting task. This breakout session will focus on some technical details behind estate planning, as well as address how Christians can use estate planning for the betterment of our churches, schools, and Christian organizations.


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